Scanox Cad


3D design has become more and more mainstream. More and more industries are finding unique and helpful uses for 3D design & printing -- one of them being the jewellery industry. To obtain a precise 3D scan of a gemstone and jewellery can be difficult. We designed a 3D scanner that can turn objects into computerized 3D data.(STL -file formats). In a matter of seconds our ScanoxCAD can provide users with an easy to manipulate digital design that can be used in any CAD-design software(like Rhino and Matrix). Scanox CAD capable of print the model and save time in the template production.
Despite the value of 3D scanners as an important piece of the 3D printing process, many people are still unfamiliar with it.
In the past, if a customer requested a jewelry reproduction, it was a time-consuming process. Now , we can make a scan from any model (stone or jewellery) in 1 minute.

Using a 3D scanner can guarantee an exact replication in a minimum of time.


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